Thursday, 17 May 2012

Recent finds

Hi there, i know my blog has disappeared but i am back.I started my blog to show you some of my bargains and finds but i buy so much that i find it hard to keep up with what i have brought.I am going to try to start keeping my camera at hand and just takings photo's of my things straight away.Anyway here's a few things i brought a while ago and have just had the photo's sitting on my camera.

This is a Stratton metal note pad with a little pen attached, it came in original box with a spare note pad and a little velvet pouch.I got this at a outdoor market that is held twice a week in a town near to me, they have a lot of vintage stalls and you can pick up some great bargains.This Stratton note pad was £5, the lady said it was 50's.I thought it was a nice note pad, I've had Stratton vintage compacts before but I've never had a note pad so i thought it was something different.

I got these earrings from the market too, off the same lady.I really liked the ones with the coloured enamel spots i thought they were so unusual.The shell earrings were nice to and they tie in with my nautical obsession.I got a lot more earrings off this lady too including another shell pair the same colour but they are  a dangly version (hard to explain) I also got an old Avon perfume bottle which was a black cat (love cats) off this lady too.I think the earrings were £1 for the spot ones and 50p for the shell ones.The cat perfume bottle was £1.I should of taken a picture of it i know.I will post a picture of it on twitter though.

I got this brooch off the market off a vintage stall,the man and woman made Steam punk jewellery, which i don't know a lot about but they had some really cool pieces like earrings made out of watch parts and necklaces the same.It all reminded me a bit of that children's film Robots. I thought about asking if i could take pictures of their jewellery and then do a post about it but i only had my phone with me and not my camera. This brooch is made out of a watch face and has a vintage earring in the middle and diamonds attached.I really liked this one has it really stood out to me, i like different things.This was about £7 i think.Some of there pieces were quite pricey.I am interested in trying to make my own too, if i have any old watches now i might try to make something myself.

I got these lovely vintage blouses at the Car boot that i go to all the time (I'm addicted) they were off a lady who had found them up her loft, they still had the tags on them.I really liked the pattern and the cute little collar.I had quite a few vintage things off this lady too.These blouses were about £2 each.I think they are 70's or 80's.

I got this pretty cardigan from the car boot off the same lady i had the blouses above, it's vintage St Michael and its got a really nice embroidered flowers around the top. I think it would look nice with a vintage dress also with jeans and a top.This was £2.

These are some things i have had recently from my local charity shop, which i seem to live in just lately.They seem to be having more things in every day and they are really reasonable and are really cheaply priced.I almost want to say are you sure that's enough?! I have made friends with the woman who owns it and she saves me things now.She saved me a gorgeous vintage handmade dress in the most prettiest material, i haven't taken a picture off this yet but i will definitely show you this dress.

I got this lovely scarf for 50p i liked the bright colours and i thought it was 80's (i love 80's stuff) i thought it would look nice thrown on with a plain top or vintage jumper.

I got this black lace Next top for £1.50 i really like Lacy things at the moment, its good to throw on some vintage jewels with it, some red lippie and I'm sorted. I got some more nice tops also on Monday from charity shop which i have taken photo's of, then as i was transferring them on my computer my camera ran out of battery.So i only have a picture of this one on blog, i also got a flowery Wallis top, a white tshirt with black spots which i love (spotty obsession) a black lacy 80's jacket and quite a few more tops.I will have to show you them on another blog post.

I got these vintage earrings and necklace, the earrings were 50p the necklace was £1. I really like the necklace it really finishes off a outfit and looks nice with a plain top.I wore the necklace on Tuesday my birthday with a plain black top and another Charity shop bargain (a red spotty skirt) which i will show you in a minute.I think the necklace is similar to an H&M necklace i have seen on a blog and its nice to have a vintage version that not everyone will have, that is why i like vintage has its unique.

I got this cool necklace too for £1.It has plastic cubes on it and i think its quite unusual and would dress a plain dress or top up.

I saw someone on a blog wearing a Yin Yang necklace and then some Yin Yang print leggings which i thought were cool, then i walked in the charity shop and they had this Yin Yang watch for £1.50 i was really pleased with it.

I got this vintage necklace for £1 also.

This is a picture of one of my birthday cakes, it was my birthday on Tuesday i was 29, i don't feel that old.This cake was off my boyfriend and the flowers were off my auntie and nan.I had another lovely cake off my auntie but we had already eaten that one.

I got this skirt this week from the charity shop i mentioned before.It was £1.50, its Clock house make.It looks pink in the picture but its red with little black spots, i love anything with spots! Its quite long, i wore it on my birthday Tuesday with a plain black tshirt tucked in and my black patent bow loafers from primark.The outfit choice was a bad idea has the weather was terrible it was windy and it was hailing at one point.I also wore my beaded twisted necklace too which i pictured before, with this outfit.

 This Sunday just gone i got a really good bargain at the car boot this Chanel Pearl necklace for £5 i aren't sure its real but it had all the bits with it like auth card etc, if it isn't real though i don't mind has i really like it.I got some other good bargains too.

I know its a long post but i buy so much.Hope you enjoy this post.I just lack in confidence that's why my blog has been really lacking.I will try very hard to keep taking pictures and keep showing you my bargains.

Hope you are all having a good week.

 Gem xx