Saturday, 18 September 2010

Starting a blog

Hi im Gem and im going to start a blog, im fashion mad and i am always buying lots of things so i thought id share some of my findings on a blog, because its nice to share fashion and style ideas.I have only just got into the world of blogging,but i have seen some amazing blogs and learnt new things from them and enjoyed reading them so much that it has sinspired me to write my own blog to share some of my outfits and findings.I figured it would be a good idea to do a blog myself has i have so much to say especially about fashion and beauty and this gives me a chance to well babble about it i guess.I wish that i could have a job in fashion fashion retail etc has im so interested in it.Maybe one day.

Today i have been to a table top sale and i have found some great vintage bargains when i have washed them etc i will try to post a picture of them.Some of the things i brought are a vintage cat teapot some really cute vintage jumpers, some really cute vintage tee's.I hope i can learn a few tips about blogging so i can make this a good blog.

Hope everyone is having a good saturday.I am having a chilled out saturday.
Luv Gems xx