Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My latest finds

Here are some of the vintage finds that i found this Sunday at the boot sale.

 This vintage paisley dress was £2, i am really liking paisley.

 This dress wasn't vintage but was from H&M it has a corset style at the top then goes out and is floaty at the bottom, this was £3

 This Grandad jumper was £1

 This blue dress with white polka dot was £1

 This 80's t shirt was £2 i really like the colours very kitsch and bright.

 This is a vintage Laura Ashley dress it looks quite funny on this picture because i sort of folded it upward to fit it in the picture has it is quite a long dress, i am going to try to shorten it.I really like the fruit print on it, I'm liking kitsch prints.This was £1.
This is a vintage tank top its a lovely dark blue colour with a pale pink stripe running through and a pink trim round the neckline and arms.I thought it was cute.This was £1

This is the top part of the H&M dress, this dress reminds me of a ballet dress/outfit. The order of the pictures is a bit mixed up, but its my first proper blog so I'm just getting used to how to do it all.

This is a close up of my little vintage tank top.

Here is a selection of 80's videos i brought they were only 10p each, i love 80's films but iv got most of them so when at boot sales I'm on the look out for ones that i haven't already got or already seen.I usually have a good laugh watching them.I have already started watching 'Coming to America' and it looked really good and really funny but i turned it off to watch Juno has that was on normal TV at the time, I'm going finish watching coming to America now has i was really enjoying it.I really like Beverly hills cop with Eddie Murphy in too, very funny.The middle one is 'The woman in red' it has Gene Wilder who i think is funny and Kelly Le Brock who was big in the 80's and she was in 'Weird Science' which is a great 80's film so i thought this might be good too, i haven't watched it yet so i will have to let you know. I just love retro videos and a lot of them, you just cant get on DVD.

Here are some earrings i brought they were 50p each except for the dangly ones with the pearls on they were what my mum got me from the flea market in Torquay where my mum and dad have just been on holiday, they were £1. I just thought id show them too has i didn't get much jewellery this Sunday mostly clothes.Also this tomato sauce container, i thought it was very Del boy, i love stuff like that. That was 20p.

Here's a better picture of the earrings.

This Betty Boop earrings and necklace set was £5 i like Betty Boop. I did get quite a lot more things on Sunday but i haven't put pictures of them all, i got a lot more vintage dresses off a lady i buy alot of things off, the dresses were all 50p each! I also got a asos leopard print jacket some shoes that are not vintage, some H&M t shirts and some sunnies.And a few more things.I always get so much every time i go to the boot sale.There's too much too list.

I started my blog then kind of lost my confidence but i am going to try and post about my bargains and finds along the way.

Luv Gems xx